Make Your Shoes Look Brand New

Here is the underlying question. How do you make the shoes you just bought look like you have had them forever and they will last long enough to pass on to the next generation? Here’s how you do that.

  1. Buy the best shoes you can afford. Dress shoes of course. Black or oxblood or perhaps brown. Leather soles. Buy them at a discount if possible. Save your money for good times.
  2. Wear them while walking casually around the city. Break them in. Get the soles scuffed up a bit. Wear them on the weekend. Just brush off the dust and wipe them dry when you take them off. Don’t deliberately abuse them—just wear them without too much thinking about it. That’s what they were designed for.
  3. Buy, and use, a shoe tree between the time you take them off and the time you put them back on.
  4. Don’t wear them several days running—alternate with other pairs. Shoes need to rest between wearings.